Mark Your Calendar – Free Teleconferece for Speakers and Writers

Speakers and Writers! Enjoy a tele-conference Thursday, Nov 15th sponsored by I will be guest hosting with Marnie Swedberg  along with information from writer April Boyer:
7-8 PM Pacific
8-9 PM Mountain
9-10 PM Central
10-11 PM Eastern
Whatever it is that qualifies you to speak about the topics you now present is probably also that which equips you to be considered an “expert source” in your field of interest.

Transform Your Favorite Topic
into an Article for
Publication & Free Publicity

As speakers, we need to continually work to refine our communication skills, both written and verbal; the actual publication of any articles written by you would serve as free publicity and additional opportunities for ministry. Add to this the reality that most book authors found their beginnings in local papers, contests and magazines. If you have ever wanted to write a book, this is good starting point!

Join Marnie Swedberg and guests as we explore how to use your current storehouse of information to reach more people, refine your communication skills and potentially break into the market of published works.


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Creating Great WOM Tip #6 Get Your Meeting Planner to Work for You

I have several of my speaker packets (more on creating these in a future article) made up and ready to go. When I am at speaking engagements, and feel that I have made a solid connection with the meeting planner, I will ask her to pass on my packet to another group she may know. I have recieved some of my best gigs this way.

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Just back from GCWC (and oh the tails I can tell…)

First off – I am exhausted.

I know that is required after getting home from a conference, but yikes.

I will tell you all more as time goes on (and we see if editors really like what I am doing…) but for now I will tell you I had an amazing time. Plus I came home to a clean house (cleaner than I left it,) a huge flower arrangement, and a brand new Waterman pen to sign any large contracts that may come this way (a girl has to be prepared…)

I saw lots of people get to talk to several editors about their projects, and see two people sign with agents – cool, huh?

I am writing up all the things I promised to people, so I can go down my check list. It is going to be a busy week.

If You Were at the Conference

Take my adivce and hook up with an accountability partner and make a list of what you need to do and whittle it to what you need to do this week. My accountability partner (hey Carolyn) and I are going to talk on Wednesday and come up with our plan of attack.

Also, if you were there – let me know how things went. We all love to hear about the connection that are made at these things – it gives us all hope.

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I am a bad,bad blogger

Hey chicks –

 I am off to Glorietta Christian Writer’s Conference in New Mexico tomorrow (my husband is not happy about the 6:15 flight, but at least he doesn’t have to shower just to drive me to the airport – I however will be sitting next to real live poeple on the plane who would appreciate me attending to my personal grooming before boarding…)

I apologize for the leangth between posts. As all you speaker chicks know, it is hot and heavy speaking time and I have been busy, busy.

 One thing that has been taking up a great deal of time is my new booklets. TADA!

5 Steps to Kick Start Your Speaking Career is hot off the presses – and not 2 minutes too soon.

Then there is 13 Ways to Get More Gigs. A ton of work – but I think you will think it was worth no sleep and lots of black coffee.

The covers are amazing (thank you Susy Flory) and the content rocks -it was everything I wish someone had told me when I was getting started in speaking.

 OK so off to GCWC and I will post when I get back – let you know what is hot and what is oh so last week.



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Creating Great WOM Tip #6 Get Other Speakers to Work for You

I have a few other speakers that I refer to groups when I am already booked for an engagement, but I even take it a step farther than that. After a great event, I will pass on one or two of my favorite speakers packets to the meeting planner, telling them that they may want to consider booking these women for the next event.

I only do this with other speakers I have heard and trust. Nothing can make your credibility go south quicker than a bad referral.

The flip side of this is that I have other speakers who pass my name along when they are done with an event. There is nothing better than great word of mouth given to a happy client.

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Creating Great WOM Tip #5 Reward Word of Mouth

I reward word of mouth. If someone refers me to another group. and that group books me, I reward the referring person a Starbucks gift card. It is just my way of saying thank you for doing my marketing for me. (Plus, what better vibe can you put in the world than to share the starbucks.)

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4. Get Your Web Up

girl-at-computer.jpgI wanted to write on a Friday because I NEVER get good stuff in my inbox on Fridays. Coldwater Creek ads. Target ads. american Airline ads. Save me.

So, here is tip number 4 about creating Great word or mouth. Besides, when do we have time to work on our stuff but over the weekend. So find the techie in the family (for me, it is my overworked, very patient hubby. For most of you, it will probably be your 13-17 year old…) 

I have a website ( where people can find out more about me without a high pressure sales approach. Even if you only have a one-page site with a little bit about you (especially your contact info) it is much better than nothing – and in the year 2007 – it is expected. (Since you are hip enough to be readin a blog, I assume you know this.)

A couple of things I have on my website (that every speaker should…):

  • My bio
  • References
  • Audio clips
  • A picture of myself (OK I may hate it, but it is a necessary evil)
  • My Speaking Schedule (if you are just getting started, you may want to leave this off at this point)

Take a look to see the basics at

Have a great weekend

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